Wednesday, August 24, 2005

a song for you

a song for you
like a star in the dark blue sky
like a shining fish in the water
like a bird flying high above
i am free to live my life with you
and with your love.

the lines on my face are darker now
the beats of my heart are steadier
my stride is getting stronger each day
my smile is getting warmer with you
and with your love.

when you smile, my heart skips a beat
when you laugh, knees go weak
and then you touch my hand with yours
my love for you is getting stronger with passion
and your love for mine.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

the flight

the flight

come, let's fly to the moon together
wing to wing, dream to dream.

let's drift
to touch her scarred cheeks
glowing silver
with an inflated love unrequited for unaccountable time.

let's swim back through space
to embrace the infinite universe
and submerge in puffs of clouds.

i believe i can fly,
if you just as much as caress my nape
and utter my name in a sigh.

wake me up
when i want to dive deep down in the dark waters
all of my life swiftly expunged
because as you know too well
i may fly, but swim i cannot.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

a bonfire of logs of limbs

don't wake up yet
let your sleep laden smoky eyes
wander in hazy blue hues of dreams

let me caress you with my eyes
for a few more precious moments
as my fingers slide
on your soft, smooth, high cheek bones
let me follow the contours
of your chest, heaving
with shallow, unlaboured half-asleep breaths

irritated with a stray strand of auburn hair
on your quivering upturned nose
you crease your forehead with a flickering frown
and brush it away
a bonfire of logs of limbs
an afternoon overflowing with lazy interludes of foreplay
an evening brimming with unbridled romance
a nightful of rich, sculpted love...
till now, these were a mere recipe
from a intellect-curdling paperback
but the beginning of this day,
still warm with dying embers
- from the bonfire of our logs of limbs -
makes me chant
"love is mine" in the same tone
barbara cartland must have crafted
the love-laced tome of the same name in 1952

i trace an outline of my commitment
round the gold band
wrapped round your sensuously slender finger
and amuse myself with
your upturned curve of a parted mouth
parched for a kiss perhaps
i oblige
my quench not yours
with a feather light brush of dry lips
startled, your doe eyes
open wide - and seeing a familiar intruder
drift back to the land of nirvana
satisfying me
with a rushed return
that also insists
goodbye for now

i go
but i shall be back