Tuesday, May 31, 2005


ablution of sin
is but an attempt to remove an unwanted visible mole
be warned, for the scar shall remain

once a sinner
always a sinner
for what is committed, remains infinitely
in the mind
in the dust
in the wind, sunshine, water and hay
it traverses eternity in words
many centuries ago

one who tries to purge
can try
and indeed even succeed
but the madness of moon
stirs the black demons
every fortnight
when its dazzling brightness
dulls the scars of its [many] removed moles

Friday, May 13, 2005



the contours of the moss embellished hillock
remind me of surmounted mammories
and the curves of the river
are reminscent of abdomen and waist
magnificently erect sal trees
sway like desire stirring in a groin
tender leaves glistening with dew
tremble like delicate toes in the aftermath
the baked summer evening earth burns
like fire of a arousing passion
star-studded bride of a night cools mortal souls
as do dying post-coital flames

Tuesday, May 10, 2005



i hear the clock ticking
tick, tick, tick
and so on it goes
tirelessly but tiring me in the process

o time machine
keeping track is fine
but why do you move so inconsistently
too fast at times and way too slow at others?

every minute, every second, every nanosecond
takes away something
lashes at things undone, not done
wrapping laughters and unwrapping tears

even when i, purposely, forget
to wind you – charge you
sooner or later, you traverse
where you would have been – right besides me

i, try hard, to leave you unattended
behind, in a dark unnoticed back alley
where no one but me will miss you
but you spring back with a sprint unfathomed

and when you do
all my pessimism blunders me into beliveing
your true motive of being
for my anihilation – stop now, that’s enough!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

an evening along the river

a walk along the river

along the shallow river
pebbles played hide and seek
with the lengthening shadows of dusk

the loud sound of the river
bellied its small stature
and the magnificent mahseer that swam underneath

dark shadows on the surface of earth
contrasted highly with the dying embers
of the sun, setting behind the silent sal trees

a lone pied kingfisher
dived one last time for supper
before retiring for the night

a low rumble followed by a roar
sounded the alarm calls
of barking deer

and i bent over to kiss your warm mouth
aglow with remnants of an afternoon nap
to take you in my arms, to love