Thursday, September 20, 2007

eh, not-so-tender moments...

freshly fried tender fish
fat fingers of potato chips
lettuce, celery, oregano, thyme
a pint of erdinger, and some dips
...the afternoon passed by lazily
by the greens of singapore cricket club
indians smacking lips involuntarily
among cultured brits digging their curry
chinese socialites - males and females -
kissing the moist and warm tropical air
around the cheeks of their hosts -
sunkissed liberally, tanned slightly
but flushed profusely with the warmth
not of their local guests, but of
the land, surrounded by sea and connected
by bridges of cement not strong enough
to hold petty emotions at bay.

i sniffed the air around me
sliced the white buttery tender fish
spread a bit of tartar on the side
plucked it with a fork to savour it
but fresh as it was,
delicious as it looked
appetising as it smelled
wonderful as it was presented
i didn't enjoy it as much
as i would have,
if i had you by my side
spinning the yard of years to come...
i missed you this afternoon
my sweetheart
and can only count hours to meet you
after a long dreary day (for both of us)
at newton!

Friday, September 07, 2007

a dot of a thought

the bile is rising
and so is the temperature
the heat is on as
so far non-existent cravings
surface and burst
liked birthday balloons popped
by pricking toothpicks
mornings, afternoons, evenings,
days and nights
all pass slowly in contemplation
whiskers of emotions
tickle the inside of belly button
butterflies flutter in a flurry
and their fury subsides
equally fast
moist palms reek of friendliness
eyebrows question intended intent
nostrils flare with anticipation
lips quiver in supplication
of the unknown,
or the known that is unknown this moment
hot rays of sun beckon
cool moonlit sand dunes
chilling snowcapped peaks harbour
chilling thoughts of meltdowns
throat gurgles
heart sighs
utter chaos
what the world is really coming to?
the window opens with a startle
as the fingers start their light tap dance
on the keyboard.

oh, i see!

i see the light filtering in my brain now

i am pregnant
with a thought again
a dot
of a thought
sprouting somewhere near my gut.