Friday, April 22, 2005

i see yellow, do you?

do you see yellow?
or do you notice purple?
is it black that you like?
or does the grey attract you?


i don't know what it takes
to be in a state of mind
that doesn't want to, any longer,
differentiate between the lines, or the colours

i don't know but i mind
that i am not in the caress of the infinite
nor in the sweet embrace of the nothingness
that not many seem to desire any more

cut the chase, o lord of cipher
cut the chase
rotting in hell am i not blessed by you
cut the chase, extend the embrace


AmitKen said...

Even i donno what it takes to be in that state... but i know i am in that state now.

thanks for your comment on my blog.


la devil said...

i see purple coz m wearing it. :D
thanx for comenting on my blog..
keep deciphering it'l atleast keep u busy if nothin else. els i will make a dwelling in ur mind :P

. : A : . said...

I see a little bit of everything. You are right, it depends on the state of the mind what you see the most.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting.