Tuesday, April 14, 2009


its 3 in the morning
and i can't sleep
i may not be laughing
nor have any reason to weep

lying on my back
i stare the horizon
of my dark room

blank stares from
black spotty monsters
fail to scare me anymore

and i tell them
it's 3 am, now go to sleep...

a furry little head
bumps on my chest
but i am not startled

nifty, tiny hands scratch
arms, face and neck
but i am not falling

'cause they're really
the reason for my life
...and my lack of sleep.


i can't see the moon
hiding behind thick puffs of clouds
the mystery deepens with every
spiral of smoke
from my cigar
it was here, right where you are,
just a few minutes ago, i say
and now it is gone
even though the
aura of its presence
can still be seen
through its bright silhouette

why do some
crave moonlight, moon,
stars, nights and cool breezes
so much more than others?

why do some
are ready to die
just to stand on tip toes
high up in mountains while clouds
drift past their feet?
while many drift on
sandy shores just to hear that
overbearing sound of waves
frantically lapping their fiery
insatiable tongues
to lick the souls of beach bums...