Monday, November 17, 2008

canvas of life

everyday life opens
a brand new blank canvas
gessoed and ready to paint
just like you want
the palette of colours
you choose decides
how warm or cold your painting will be
burnt umber
ultramarine blue
cadmium reds
deep Indian yellow
hues, a rainbow of hues
true to the passion you feel
heart thumps
heavy with thrill
of approaching a new unknown
that you may or may not seek
strokes of filbert
flat or round
ensure your tracks on canvas
are treaded with texture
smooth or rough
matt or shine
fast or slow
this painting will complete
by today before you know…

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

frog who turned into pulp

i want to be a prince again
come, kiss me pronto
my future queen
eh, slowly sweetie
kiss me gently
don’t rupture my spleen
i do want to be a prince again
just like before
but not without my shine
i love you, honey, really do
don’t leave me alone
in this state of a whine

just tickle my belly a little
tweak my legs a degree
and cajole me to seduce my love a ballad
yeah, yeah, i am not a prince
anymore, therefore
my song is worse than a Chinese salad

i want to be a prince again
hold me, eh, don’t fold me
in, before i have transformed into my old self
and yo, what are you up to
your stiletto is approaching my slimy back
yo, don’t, don’t crush me, pierce me or i surely will yelp!

Monday, November 10, 2008

not so dull life


be sweet tomorrow

freak out today so that you can be
sweet tomorrow
when your hairs turn grey and disappear
love as much as you can today
before bitter memories
bite like frost frozen on window panes
“hey, i told you so,”
someone will come and tell you
when you fail to listen and do as you are told
and when life flashes by in quick frames
and you seem to smile
when you want to cry
and you seem to laugh
when frowns are the only way to get by
dream today so that you can be
sweet tomorrow
when you have no dreams to sweeten your soul
laugh as much as you want today
before the moth of loneliness
starts hovering over your distant eyes
and when they start yelling
instead talking sweetly
just blink your eyes ever so slowly
let you hands fall down limply
and cough till your sputter geriatric saliva
all over whoever is yelling
and they will disappear together with their discords
…once they are gone,
breathe again
and be sweet to yourself
tomorrow when the world is sour
and everything moves in a blur
so fast, that you want
to lie down against the parched tree trunk
and wait for your turn…
but till then
freak out today so that you can be
sweet tomorrow
if not to the big bad world
at least to yourself

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

long gone home

we have been gone
far away for long
but you,
are not waiting for us,
are you?
have plots of mind
awaiting your development
from foundation to foundation
from wall to wall
from roof to roof
from window to window, and
from door to door
we long
to imagine the colour of your plaster
the paint of your door frame
and the soft bristles of lush green of grass
under bare feet – tiny and adult alike –
yes, it’s been a while
and enough so to speak
now come to us for good
stay on…and don’t desert us anymore
we have been homeless orphans without you
and it’s about time
that you set it right
come and embrace us,
let us cling to you for a lifetime
of happiness
and a lifetime of cherished memories
come, we beckon you
we coax you…
to come to us.