Monday, July 12, 2010

blue does remember, at times

a breath of life

just breathe slowly
and you will get by
the torturous moment
will pass like fading
tides in shallow seas
...all you got to do
is to listen to songs
of the birds returning
home after a hard day.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

are you home?

just touch my cheeks with the back of your hands
and i will know
you are home
i have been waiting for all of three centuries
for your arrival
and now,
my eyes are finally heavy with sleep
the eyelids are falling earthwards
to clasp the grip
of reality
but don't let that fret you
just cup my face in your hands
and i will know
you are there by my side
nestle my heavy head in your bosom
and sing a song of sweetness
till my heart blooms
till i spread my wings and ruffle my feathers
from the window of my world
i will fly away,
you by my side

Monday, February 22, 2010


where is hell
in my heart and yours
- beating every minute in road rage
- throbing at the temples
with ringing phones
on silent mode
lying unanswered
and a bride unconsumated

where is heaven then
also in my heart and yours
- beating every minute the radio plays
an old time favorite
- running like blood in veins
every second the kid
kisses you unexpectedly
to share his love

Sunday, January 31, 2010

january, come undone

january has come
just this moment
when we saw
a big moon, swinging
by my front door
soft like cotton candy
and as hard as a tough heart
it never gasped in surprise
when we touched
its crescent, ever so gently
but its gentle quiver
woke him up, just in time
to quickly swing by up in sky
to his usual place among the stars.

a moment of happiness
it really was
when january, came undone