Wednesday, February 27, 2008

your star...


your star is shining
not very far
behind the mist
not beyond reach
just within your grasp

it's delayed, did you say?

maybe it's lighting the path
of your guardian angel
who's on his way
to guard you
maybe it's honing its shine
to illuminate
your life when it's time

so don't whine
and enjoy your wine!
while the sun shines
because your star will arrive
only when there is real darkness

you want you star
right now, right here?
maybe you do...
but do you badly NEED it now?
not really, right?

go back to your wine, then...

Saturday, February 23, 2008


one minute
an eternity holds
cold-bloodedly murdered dreams
wake up slowly
to haunt me as nightmares
i look at you
from my crouched position
for help
but you feign disinterest
busy ruffling your dogs'
fluffed, shampooed hair as you are
i crawl towards my escape,
through the door to the kitchen,
then through the refrigerator
but the kittens outnumber me again
hissing and spitting back at me
with each step i move further
the tiny, venom-frothing rascals
those soldiers of yours!
but my renewed promise
straight from the heart et al
is a warning
that i will attempt my escape again
night after every sunset
new moon or full
stars or none
clear bejwelled humid skies
or breezy, cloudy ones
one drink a night,
i like
and only with that in my hand
will i play with your dogs together.

smiles, let them come easily

i don’t want to rush, my dear
let’s just hold hands
and walk quietly, amidst
nature – pristine and pure
– as, and when, first created

let soft white sands caress our bare soles
let our souls breathe, live,
just the way
it was surely meant to be.

let satin sheets glide off my shins
let the silk robes intoxicate my love for you
let champagne toast our togetherness
far from the madd(en)ing crowds
yet, not far from our cozy hearth

my dear, till you stepped into my life,
i never felt loved at all
but since we stepped in this haven together
it is finally, my turn to smile.

rain distressed

water in that fall
didn't appreciate
getting wet
in an unseasoned rain
and that too in winter

his teeth clattered
his tongue lisped
and his nostrils exhaled
blue mist of the wet cold

smoothened dents
in the stones at his feet
where he had let his watery arms flow
for years, decades or even centuries immemorial
complained tacitly
in rheumy, gout-ridden voices

tears welled up
as he shivered uncontrollably once more
but soon he gratefully rinsed them
in his rushing torrents
just when the skies cleared to ease his suffering