Tuesday, October 30, 2007

adam road


darkness descends upon big angsana trees
lining the quaint and tranquil adam road
shallow roots extend on ground below
like veins on the calves of a one-time beauty
ferns, fanning out like ornate bamboo fans
protrude from gnarled trunks and branches
hardened bark peels off like dead skin
curvaceous siluhettes tremble in thin humid breeze
like the shy bride from a traditional indian home
the smell of fresh grass, dead leaves,
and sometimes, a hint of doggie poo,
left behind by lazy Filipino maids walking
their expat bosses' fancy dogs while chatting
with their part-time Bangladeshi boy-friends.
tired taxi-drivers exhale cigarette smoke
under trees, hoping no customers for next five minutes

we have walked up and down this serene road,
peaceful because it ends in a dead end
sometimes - when there is no rush for the subway -
it's been fun, and sometimes, when there is a rush
it's been not so fun...but the walk home
rush or no rush -
has always been joyful - the joy of being
with the boys, or a potential dip in blue
waters of the swimless swimming pool
or just a chaos of listening to the little one
scream chakde india, chakde india as he trots behind
the older one on the smoothened wooden tiles of
261, #02-09...