Wednesday, April 13, 2005

is that really you...or just another dream

i was not awake, was i,
was there only the whir of air-conditioner
breaking the sound of your soft breathing,
the rustle of bed sheets,
the sound of a sleepy hand subconsciously wiping
slowly dripping saliva off your parted mouth,
slender nape trembling in a motionless manner.

did i imagine a smile on your face,
or did you forget me in your blissful rest,
no coating of man made beauty on the face,
no strokes of red on the cheek,
no arrangements of strands so straight,
no bristles of eyelashes crumbling down,
all i saw was a lush vine draped on my pillow
au naturel, just as nature desired.

spread your tendrils
all over me,
entrap me with your arms forever
so my bed remains my garden
and your bosom,
my lovely rose, and Queen of the Night!

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