Friday, June 29, 2007

some words

some words
are smile words
the same words, in circumstances different
become cry words...
...words that are agony personified
like a kindling fire
fresh from freshly chopped pine
the crackling sounds from the fireplace
refueling the ache of an ailing heart
the dog, sprawled on the familiar old rug
like a rug
raising its eyes to observe you
when you heart misses another beat.


heads usually rule men's hearts
but my brains are turning yellow
because of the fervent fever of your love.

i bathe every hour in iced water
but the heat of my groin melts the poles
green grass turns burnt amber
envy turns into jealousy turns into possessiveness

an embrace from your initiation
is smoldering but i am afraid to open my mouth.
words that often fall from my lips
are not like soft, fluffy clouds that i hope they are
neither are they velvet petals of a diamond rose
like little splinters from a burning log
my words escape like convicts breaking a prison
easing our from under the drains and trenches
only to be caught again

honey, so do you know me
after all these years?
or do i know you, completely, yet!

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