Saturday, February 23, 2008


one minute
an eternity holds
cold-bloodedly murdered dreams
wake up slowly
to haunt me as nightmares
i look at you
from my crouched position
for help
but you feign disinterest
busy ruffling your dogs'
fluffed, shampooed hair as you are
i crawl towards my escape,
through the door to the kitchen,
then through the refrigerator
but the kittens outnumber me again
hissing and spitting back at me
with each step i move further
the tiny, venom-frothing rascals
those soldiers of yours!
but my renewed promise
straight from the heart et al
is a warning
that i will attempt my escape again
night after every sunset
new moon or full
stars or none
clear bejwelled humid skies
or breezy, cloudy ones
one drink a night,
i like
and only with that in my hand
will i play with your dogs together.

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