Monday, March 10, 2008

cosmically bound

the warmth of your cheeks
warms my heart
when my lips caress
you enter my world
of dreams; just like snow white
egrets; huddled at the bank of
a stream; waiting with prying eyes
for a mouthful of fish
i wait
too; not in a hurry but
eagerly nonetheless.

blinking eyes
hesitating breaths
trembling digits and
thundering heartbeats
beckon; me to you, and you to me –
all signals go; and move made
i lie low; backed by a supine spine
shivering every now and then
with a tingle; unmistakable
the teardrops on my tongue
and the lumps in my stomach
no…nothing fades with the dimmed light
sun shines through the night
stars shine through the bright, warm day
through rains, through downpours and
storms unleashed from the silver windows
framing dark clouds high above…
…unperturbed, we lay entwined, you and me
my back to your front and your bosom to my chest
love blossoms
in frosting winter; bordering on the slowly blooming
spring; is it here already?
our souls were hibernating, longer than
required by the lords of litigation –
retrograde venus, eclipsed mars, and of course
bright, yellow jupiter breathing
harsh dust out of its benevolent
cosmic karma…uniting us, in our incompatibilities…

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