Tuesday, August 26, 2008


somewhere, behind the clouds
lies a rainbow bright
far away, behind the mountains
it stays out of sight
when we climb the mountains
slowly, it’s tiring
your legs are weak, honey
and you’re perspiring
just take a deep breath
and exhale
our journey will end
and our plan not fail
once we are over the peak
lo and behold
our dreams will come true
and miseries fold
here, hold on my hand
we are on a cliff
just midway to the top
don’t get your back stiff
feel the cold wind
caressing your face
enjoy the lovely views
before we win the race
there, o’ my dear
it’s a just a few steps more
lean on my shoulder
for I have never loved you more


shizu said...

our elusive dreams!
as if we are climbing the misty hills of beloved kumaon
i know one day we will reach
however tired and desperate we will be
there will be a beautiful peak of nilakanta above us in the deep blue sky
there of course our new dreams await us

anirudh sharma said...

the way you describe it is beautiful...