Monday, September 12, 2011

astronomical nightmares

darkness all around
cold, damp, soggy surfaces
reach out from every corner
to caress my skin
and flick little bits
of astronomical
to daunt,
to taunt,
and to freak me
with their expectation
of perfection.

from a symbol of imperfection?
how plausible a thought it could be.

but they try
to control the untamed mind
and steer it - the poor it -
to a land
where sunlight is frozen
and the whirling winds
are laced with razors
and the rain lashes
torrents of burning lava.

i lie unattended
- not interested in being attended -
in a corner
unafflicted by the onslaught,
blinking deep into the black,
my big toe curls in pain
of insufferable frostbite
and i bite my blue lips,
grind my clattering teeth
to stop this nightmare.
waiting for it to end
even if it takes an eternity.

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