Tuesday, May 31, 2005


ablution of sin
is but an attempt to remove an unwanted visible mole
be warned, for the scar shall remain

once a sinner
always a sinner
for what is committed, remains infinitely
in the mind
in the dust
in the wind, sunshine, water and hay
it traverses eternity in words
many centuries ago

one who tries to purge
can try
and indeed even succeed
but the madness of moon
stirs the black demons
every fortnight
when its dazzling brightness
dulls the scars of its [many] removed moles


mich said...

very intriguing thoughts have you!

anirudh said...

true or not?

mich said...

conquer the demons i say before the demons conquer you... the scars will be there, but eventually they tire and go away. the fact that one makes an attempt to get rid of the mole --therein lies the answer.

anirudh said...

1. how can one conquer a demon, before it conquers one? one may not EVEN KNOW that a demon is about conquer one! [kidding!]

2. look at my face. all the scars [ostensibly left behind the demons of acne] are still there [maybe i should talk about these after 25 years and they'll be gone [kidding again!]

3. you know how i write? open an old word document, and write the first word that comes to my mind and then i just let my heart [and not head] follow it till it reaches it's horizon beyond which is nothing else but vast emptiness. only seldom do i re-read it [which explains why priya, you [not that much], sonal, always complained while subbing my stories.

4. oh sorry, we were talking of demons? do you know where is one that we both worked with in BT? just curious about what "Shifty Eyes" is up to?

5. sayonara!

mich said...

which shifty eyed demon were you talking about? i can remember so many.