Thursday, September 29, 2005

yarn of our dreams

wake up little girl
it's time to go home
rub the sleep out of your eyes
let your nightmares collect cobwebs
let your fringe lie mangled for a while
we have to go...

you are beautiful
don't you know...
i have been waiting
for ever so long...
to build a castle for my princess
on a high lush mountain
besides a stream
where sun rises early
and days are are sweetly long
yarn of our dreams
a garden of violets,
jasmine and roses
pine panelled floors
granite arched windows
colonial columns
bouganvilla shaded verandah
deep ruby of a wine
platter of smoked salmon
rocking chairs with cross-stitched cushions
and you across me

but don't rush
for your feet are still nimble
and your smile fragile
but the dust that settles
on your curling lashes
will not bring any tears i promise
just bring me a bag of your love
a dash of your happiness
a handful of dreams
and we shall weave
the yarn of our dreams together

come, let's go!


Rina said...

i think u're very good....

Arun said...

And you've gone missing for some time now!

mich said...

ani have you moved back?