Tuesday, January 24, 2006

new sprout

you are so beautiful
o sprout of a seed
branching towards heaven
blooming our hearts
and strengthening our bond
is it someone, knocking on the doors?
of longevity of clasped hands
and locked lips
embraced tight with love
glorious and abundant

everyday we swim in a sea
of a thousand dreams
salt-laced waves caressing our cheeks
a million messages in bottles
washing ashore
lay unopened for wont of a wish

is someone out there?
lying in wait
to pounce upon our nightmares
there, surely must be
for our dreams, our dreams
layers upon layers of gold
of a million blooms
of a million hues, and fragrances
that feed us with blessed relief!

1 comment:

mich said...

tell me why is so much of your poetry driven by dreams...? you love your dreams don't you?