Thursday, April 19, 2007

journey's end


a leaf,
stirred from sensual slumber of youth,
writhing in pneumatic agony
of willowing age
slowed its metabolic rate
to die
in arms of its mother and father,
flowery sisters and tiny bud brothers

the tip curled ever so slightly
and the curl, curled some more
the lush green of its skin
frayed delicately
to a deeper shade
from burnt amber
to flaming red
to fading mellow, yellow
finally to dusty brown

its soft innards
baked crisp
under harsh, hot, ruthless sun
till its brittle stem
couldn't hold itself anymore
and snapped with a soft crackle
to gently float
in a still vacuumed space
and landed face forward
on hard ground
joining scores others
waiting to be crushed
by a tiger's paw
or a deer's hoof
or a swine's snout
or, worse, a human's foot
to complete its journey

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