Thursday, May 24, 2007

thinking of you


it's late afternoon
the scorching sun is cooling down
this slight breeze is flaring my heart
the sound of leaves is pulling me somewhere
far, far, far away...
i am holding you tight in my arms
you are resting your head on my shoulder

i wake up with the sound of a car
shrug up my situation with a smile

and think that...

even if i don't want

i think of you
every time i really can't
i think of you

your dark hair floats like a cloud
on my tanning sky
your moist eyes flicker like stars
lighting my nights
every night when you fall asleep
i think of you

even if i don't have to
i think of you
every time i just shouldn't
i think of you

i think of you
till my thoughts run dry
i think of you
till it makes me cry

i think of you
thinking of me
i think of you
smiling at me

still, thinking of you thinking of me...

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