Friday, January 18, 2008



where are you
where are all the ones i know
where are my dreams
where are my nightmares
where are all my sufferings and joys
where are my tears
where are your smiles
where are all our fingers clasped together
where are the letters i never opened
where are the ones i tore away
where are all the notes i scribbled to you, alone in bed
where are the dregs of tea from you cup
where is the single cultured pearl you won free
where are our infinite futures together
where is our home, with vines and trees and flowers and fence
where are your dogs - bobby and rascal
where are all the toys of our boys
where are the lime-sandalwood-pine-and-ginger perfumes
where are the gold-plated one-faced rudrakhsh seeds
where is my lucky lottery ticket
where is my ergonomically-designed office chair
where is my wedding band, bought at $400 from thailand
and where, my dear, am i...
beneath all the layers in this picture?

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