Friday, January 11, 2008

january eleven, twenty o' eight

it was 11 november 2001
when met for the first time!
surrounded by noisy but beautiful
darkness of corbett,
fireflies cast flickering lights
against the blue black sky
as moths whooshed past us
inebriated with mating lust
crickets created a cacophony
like a distant tribal ritual ceremony
voices floated around us
as we were pushed to each
other's embrace by forces
beyond our control.
that touch skin against skin,
hands against hands
- that very first touch -
is etched in my memory
now and forever, even though it was
devoid of colours and forms.
the name, when announced,
resonated, like an echo
from far away dear mountains
shading us from the wild unknown,
at times, to come hither
on the first steps to the shivalik foothills
we met, then.

dangerously deep, steep valleys
ravines, creeks and cliffs
...happy anniversary darling!


inspired by yudhi's imagination and directed by the little packet's bouncy energy.

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