Tuesday, May 13, 2008

if there's a goddess, it's you...


when i am feeling lonely
when all my leaves have
turned yellow and died...

when my heart beats in pain
and all my tears have
melted and dried...

when my ears tingle with fear
and the hair on my nape
bristle with trite...

when my stomach hurls inwards
with heartache, heartburn
no matter what medicine i tried...

when my finger tremble, hands shake
joints rattle, bones crackle
and my bone marrow has dried...

when my children leave me exasperated
with their whines, pleas,
and incessant wails and cries...

when my eyes brim with unshed tears
scorching me with intense heat
from nightmares and futures untried...

it's you, only you, i can turn to

you are the one,
my only one in this whole wide world
who loves me
with conditions or not
with expectations or not
with lamentations or not
with indentations or not
with experimentations or not
with fruitions or not

...and love for me
is in your presence...
and beseeching...

if there's a goddess looking out for me
if there's a guardian angel holding my hand
it's you...