Saturday, October 04, 2008

the blue bottle [to read]

oh i can’t even fathom
how to tell you
how the blue bottle haunted me!
days in and nights out
it hovered above my head
hanging just an inch above
my hairline
by an invisible thread
it bumped my head hard
each time I got up
without intending to
sometimes it swayed and poured
unheard, unsmelt, unseen, untasted
drops on my ears,
eyes, nose and even mouth
i cursed myself
for having patronized the thought
of a blue bottle
how it metamorphed from a blue bottle
to THE blue bottle
i haven’t the faintest clue
but it surely got stuck to me
with a very sticky glue
now that i have transferred
it from my mind to paper
and to cyberspace
hopefully it won’t make
lie sleeplessly awake

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