Monday, October 13, 2008

never mind a little sweat

sweat it out this afternoon
so you can sleep well tonight
mind you though -
the sweat is not be a mere trickle
it must be a stream that runs dry
caking salty layers upon your temples
fine lines on the nape of your neck
and watermarks on your black tee
run, run, and run wild
with summersaults
and hangings from the monkey bars
run like lola ran
in run lola run
run like bourne ran
in bourne identity
run like tom runs after jerry
run like missiles chasing innocent bystanders in Iraq
run like a pack of wild dogs after a “poacher’s” car
in an indian national park
run like obama is running to be president
run like the seven dwarfs ran around snow white
run like the cheetah hunting for dinner
or just run like a man running in front of a swarm of stinging bees
just run…
and yeah, while you are running,
never mind a little sweat

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