Tuesday, November 11, 2008

frog who turned into pulp

i want to be a prince again
come, kiss me pronto
my future queen
eh, slowly sweetie
kiss me gently
don’t rupture my spleen
i do want to be a prince again
just like before
but not without my shine
i love you, honey, really do
don’t leave me alone
in this state of a whine

just tickle my belly a little
tweak my legs a degree
and cajole me to seduce my love a ballad
yeah, yeah, i am not a prince
anymore, therefore
my song is worse than a Chinese salad

i want to be a prince again
hold me, eh, don’t fold me
in, before i have transformed into my old self
and yo, what are you up to
your stiletto is approaching my slimy back
yo, don’t, don’t crush me, pierce me or i surely will yelp!

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