Wednesday, November 05, 2008

long gone home

we have been gone
far away for long
but you,
are not waiting for us,
are you?
have plots of mind
awaiting your development
from foundation to foundation
from wall to wall
from roof to roof
from window to window, and
from door to door
we long
to imagine the colour of your plaster
the paint of your door frame
and the soft bristles of lush green of grass
under bare feet – tiny and adult alike –
yes, it’s been a while
and enough so to speak
now come to us for good
stay on…and don’t desert us anymore
we have been homeless orphans without you
and it’s about time
that you set it right
come and embrace us,
let us cling to you for a lifetime
of happiness
and a lifetime of cherished memories
come, we beckon you
we coax you…
to come to us.

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