Monday, August 14, 2006

what lies beneath...

what lies beneath
truth is suspended from
a sheath of lies
disgruntled, maligned, humbled...
but the truth of the lie is
that it is these lies that make,
disagree if you so desire,
the world a better place

if the truth be told:
how many politicians will be wiped off?
how many social workers will be behind the bars?
how many police officers will be suspended?
how many adult relatives will be sentenced?
how many fathers will weep?
how many mothers will cry?
how many bosses will flare?
how many employees will cringe?
how many friends will frown?
how many spouses will be shamed?
how many children will worry?
how many soldiers will die?
how many coffins will be filled?
how many hearts will crash?
how many files will be deleted?
how many kisses will stall?
how many rubbers will lie unrolled?
how many papers will be crumpled?
how many breads will be thrown?
how many beers will be consumed?
how many cups will spill?
how many beans will sprout?
how many tigers will roam free?
how many of us will not smile...

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