Sunday, July 03, 2005

against hope

against hope
hope , I always told friends
is but a four leter word

like food, dope, love, home,
bend, life, hell, moon, bird

tired of toil, night after night
i dream, still do, of being a conjurer

to conjure, to materialise
materials, metals, money that matter

matter that matters
whether you like or you don’t

to live, to eat, to build, to bend
to buy, to travel, to fly, to die…

to love, perhaps, you are free
till a child is born or two

burn your fingers and die
for never can you hope to surivive

jackson’s “neverland”, he had to flee
for it never, never, belonged to him

but our neverlands are here to stay
whether you laugh, cry, sleep or run away

hope does, in any case, as hope could
till a four lettered “fuck” wipes it away…

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