Thursday, July 21, 2005

something shizu wrote for me
[on the new years' eve 2001]

something shizu wrote for me
it's strange when i heard the name
many months ago that heavy monsoon evening
it sounded dear to me, as if i found a long lost lover
isn't it ludicrous if i tell you the truth
the name always breaks my heart, however i try to embrace it

tell me, how can I kill a man in my dream?
anyone out there, wouldn’t you buy the moon?
i shall sell it to you
so that i would never dream again

it's dark that moonless night the name came true
as if it was waiting to incarnate
it poured mellifluously unaware of my pain
the pain of a forgotten love
beyond time it never dwindled
its tenacity for existence, however i try to forget it

it's agitating when i hear your name pronounced
remind me of the heap of sadness
the moonlight on sand dune in the great desert
a tall lonely camel, trailing its shadow
flash of your love, so sweet and momentary
however i try to embrace it, only the name remains
the name of the past affair de coeur
the name of a lover who lives in my dream


mistyeiz said...

nicely penned down...

is that ur wife n kid? nice family u got there. ;)

anirudh said...

yes they are my family and my world.