Monday, July 11, 2005

for an evening along the river
[to be enjoyed soon]

for an evening along the river
along the shallow river
pebbles will play hide and seek
with the lengthening shadows of dusk

the loud sound of the river
shall belie its small stature
and the magnificent mahseer that swims underneath

dark shadows on the surface of earth
will contrast highly with the dying embers
of the sun, that will soon set behind the silent sal trees

a lone pied kingfisher
will dive one last time for supper
before it retires for the night

a low rumble by a roar
will sound alarm calls
of barking deer

and i shall bend over to kiss your warm mouth
aglow with remnants of an afternoon nap
to take you in my arms, to love

PS: Times change. And with time, change our aspirations and perceptions. I wrote this verse earlier in May. But that moment, when I was writing this, I was reliving a past that was no longer mine and I desperately wanted to cling to it for it was a memory both Shizu and I wanted embedded in our hearts [and heads] forever. We are lucky enough to bring those cherished memories back into our lives. Soon we will be able to relive those moments and hopefully forever.

I say hopefully, because nothing is permanent. But nature has never been a "tangible commodity" even though we humans have made it an essential part of our material surroundings. If you want to read [or haven't read] the original version, it's at “an evening along the river”. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. But then, as I started off by saying...aspirations and mind, go on and relish it...

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illimitable voices said...

I usually prefer not to analyze poetry, and this is comment is no exception. Instead, I like to read it over and again. And, when the poem becomes real to me, I read it aloud and feel the texture of the sounds. So, instead of offering some incite of mine, I want to compliment you.

The poetry in unencumbered and fresh. Would you mind if I put a link to your site on my blog?