Thursday, July 28, 2005

all because of a maddening moon

last night you saved me
from dying
in my horrid dream

and aghast as you may be
i want it to recur
to scare me again

i want to say: o nightmare from last night
come back
to frighten me some more

- the vivid horror
of being chased by creatures
not scary, but fearsome anyway!

- the gush of adrenalin
nonexistent to fuel
my everyday mundane mornings!

- the near fatal
breathless race
to save a morbid, lusterless reality?

how exciting it would be to relive an agony
of perishing in a wild chase
without chasing dreams of yours and mine…

oh, so devastating!
and yet so alive, so comforting
like living a real, adventure

i feared for the aftermath
that would befall you
and my little beloved ones

a numb execution
unlike a gruesome self-inflicted
annihilation that at least leaves sympathy behind

why i long to experience
such terminal mortality
when i can do so much for you alive?
perhaps it’s just the astro position
of the maddening moon and vehement venus
and will last only till overbearing saturn and fiery mars align

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